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Default Re: Has Anyone Done a GURPS Mage The Ascension Workup For GURPS 4e

It's really pretty easy with Thaumatology, pp179-184 and 188-195. You need a copy of M:tA, too.

You take the nine M:tA Spheres, which are Realms in Thaumatology. Each of them comes in five levels, plus another one for godlike beings. The base cost for each level (p189) is 60/5 = 12 points. With nine realms, and few or no weaknesses, the table on p190 says the levels are at base cost.

Each Sphere has an associated skill, per p188, and you roll against that to use the Sphere. The modifiers to skill rolls are on pp180-184. Paradox is modelled with "Reactive Reality," p193. Rotes are "Techniques," also p193. It's all there.
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