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Default Re: New Technique of the Week: an ongoing thread

Guiding (Climbing, Flying, Hiking, Riding, Skating, Skiing or Swimming). Average, default prerequisite, cannot exceed Prerequisite+4.

This is a group of separate techniques for assisting others with physical activities, which use common rules. They are not Teaching, although a skilled guide will often have Teaching skill as well.

All of them allow you to roll your Guiding (skill) technique, and have it function as a complementary skill to the guidee's use of the same skill. In addition, if your Guiding is 15+ (a default qualifies) then the person you're guiding can re-roll any critical failures of their skill, and only actually critically fail if their second roll is a critical failure, as for Piloting.

To do this, you need to be able to see and communicate with the person you're guiding, without perceptible time-lag.
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