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Hello Folks,
After seeing a few people indicate that they're looking for online games and the like, I've finally decided to take the plunge and offer a three slot game set in HARN WORLD.

Often times, the game world map for the world of HARN is available for free at RPGNOW.COM, but experience with the Harn World is not necessary to play in this campaign.

Today's date is 5/28/2017. Time is 6:02 Eastern Standard time (my time zone).


Preferred player characters would be Knights - whether Household knights (status 2) or Landed Knights (Status 3). If you'd prefer to play a Yeoman or a freeman warrior, or such, that's fine. Mages in HARN's kingdom of Kaldor, are usually a rare thing, and anyone who gets a reputation of practicing magic openly will usually become VERY unpopular very quickly. Mages who practice black magic will be tried by a tribunal of the Religious courts (there being three courts in the Kingdom of Kaldor) or will be quietly executed by the White Hand in an effort to avoid mages stirring up an anti-mage hysteria. It is TOUGH being a mage in Harn! Not for the faint of heart...

If I get three players who can agree to a given time slot, game play will be for four hours, twice a month, more if the players agree ahead of time, but every two weeks sounds about right for now.

If/when I get two players, the game will kick into gear. If I get three, then the positions will close. If the players agree, and the powers that be agree, I might start posting the logs in the play by post area, but that's not a given (Logs would be sanitized to keep hidden rolls hidden, hidden whispers hidden, etc).

Be prepared for a GRITTY style campaign instead of an over the top campaign. Wounds that get infected may turn lethal. Spoiled food might be served at poor inns, etc. In short? Expect a medieval style setting.


Any innate damage capabilities, general powers (PSIONICS included), Total Disease Resistance, etc. As always, talk with the GM when setting up your character.

All players will be provided with a PDF of their characters via email, and will have their characters created via GURPS CHARACTER ASSISTANT (makes it easier to import characters into the FG2 interface).


Also, be aware, that no one exists in a vacuum. If you have a character, a family will be generated (Mother, Father, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, etc) depending on the background.

While this campaign will not dwell on adult themes overly much (fade to black is the GM's friend!), the GM is an Adult, and will be looking for adult players.

Do not expect to use GURPS pricing for articles and goods after play starts. The coinage system of HARN is already set, and HARN MANOR will be used to help run villages (for landed Knights) or to generate villages that the players may travel to or through. Be prepared to buy plenty of perfume and other such odor masking commodities when going through Tashal or any of the other Cities of Harn. Also, only a fool rides or walks close to building walls - for upper story people tend to dump their "night soil" pots over the balconies...

ADDENDA: I've had one person approach me for a slot thus far, so that leaves two more slots available.

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