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Default Re: Switch able weapons?

Alright my friends. I feel the need to appologize. I was up for a great many hours when I made my post. So I wasn't exactly able to put my thoughts into words in a way that best conveys my struggle and what I wish assistance with.

As for the weapon, I don't really need advice on how to design it. I can pretty much flounder my way through the process for that. Nor do I need help with a activation system if you will. What my query was about, or was supposed to be about, was how to price it and rarity etc.

For example. I am trying to build a magical katana for a master spell-swordsman. I am building to the glaive-mini specifications. But as for aesthetics it looks a lot like a 2 handed Katana. Albeit with a. Handle about double length then it should be. And the blade is way to bulky to be a normal katana.

The trick to the weapon is, one can ready the weapon and the blade slides down and it effectively doubles to a reach 2 semi balanced katana. The sword itself has some other properties as well. Unimportant for this post, but for completion purposes, it's got a "dimi-God of war" locked within it. Granting it all kinds of fancy abilities. Like the ability to make the blade act like sharp scales and spread apart in the victim as the blade is pulled through them. Causing pain and making the wound not close easily (hemophelia disadvantage for that wound) etc. all of these special abilities cost FP and they curse the user to become a demon of war as well.

Details details details.

Anyway. One can also pay an FP to make the blade change length once a turn before or after any other action.

What I was looking for is how to price such a weapon. Or gaget etc.

This one in particular would be a treasure and therefore be priceless.

However. Take a spear tat can be changed into a naginata or something similar.

The overall price would be worth more than the sum of its parts, because options are worth more than anything in many situations.
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