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Default Switch able weapons?

This has provably been asked before, but I can't find it anywhere.

So here goes. Is there any rules, or anything on weapons that change form at the cost of something? For example a turn and or maybe some FP?

I'm trying to think of an interesting weapon for a PC/NPC. Like for example, the charge axe from monster hunter. It's a sword and shield, but it turns into an axe. Or another example, almost any weapon from bloodbornes trick weapons. And another another example, a mace that can switch from mace to flail with "the flick of a switch".

It doesn't have to be all realistic, "because magic, just deal" can do lots of work.

Anybody have any leads they could show me? Thoughts? Suggestions? Etc?

Oh, and if anybody also knows of some way to imbue your weapon to explode and cause damage to everything around you and yourself, if like to know. Or, if none exist, is ther a way to enchant a weapon to have the explosive modifier on its damage?

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