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Default Re: Is Dowsing Rod playable outside your turn?

Wait, but according to the rules, you can't.
You may perform these actions on your own turn:
- Play a new Class or Race card (at any time).
- Sell Items for levels (except when you are in combat).
- Play an Item (most Items cannot be played during combat, but some one-shot Items can; see p. 3).

Page 3, on One-Shot items:
A Treasure card that says “Usable once only” is often called a “one-shot”
Treasure. Most of these are used during combat to strengthen the munchkins
or the monsters, and may be played from your hand or from the table. Some
have other effects, however, so read the card carefully! Discard these cards as
soon as the combat is over or their effect is resolved.

So I would rule no, because it doesn't say "Use during any combat" or anything to that effect, and the rules say that SOME One-Shot items can be used outside of your turn, but NOT all. Since this one doesn't say it can be, my ruling would be no, you can't use it outside of your turn.
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