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Default I Machined Kampfzer wagen, T-Rex, Traveler, Ogre V and Fasa's 22 Star Trek Miniatures

Hi Guys;

Before going to next paragraph, allow me to explain that my intention is not about bragging but is totally focused on you and helping you to jump over the “HUMP!”

Science Fiction always been in my blood; in 50'd started by reading about it, in 60's started designing space ships and anti gravity devices.

In 71 came to US and while in college in Corsicana Texas, presented major transportation industry (including NASA) with 9 variations of anti gravity propulsion devices. No direct response, but I got tailed by a fancy East coast agent that hung around me for the longest time and poked for information.

I made one more mailing to transportation companies and told them if they don't respond, I will be contacting other countries. No direct response but they tried and scared me by starting a suspicious fire in my apartment when I was at work!

Disappointed and disenchanted with college, dropped out and moved to Dallas in 73. Find a job in Minikin Models as Scale Model maker. That was the beginning of actually working in the Sci-Fi industry. Started the Idea Man Company few years later and got first recognition by making sub contract scale models of cars and trucks for a university scale models. Originals were sculpted (machined} out of free machining brass and later reproduced in tin-lead alloy. Detailed story in my website.

That work was noticed and attracted John Rankin who commissioned me to make original master for the miniature of world's largest tank ever, the WWII German Kampfzer Wagen mouse. Reviews were overwhelming and we (John Ranking, Gary Berg and I) started our own T-Rex miniature company where I designed and machined the T-Rex Space Opera line. Proboably the most detailed one is the Valhalla with fully detailed exterior and detailed mainanace bay inside with room to hold and service 4 tiny tanks. Love to have some close up photo of that if any of you have position of those miniatures (mine was lost in moving).

It was during that project that I had pleasure of machining the Traveler for Forest Brown of Martian Metals, Ogre Mark V and later on met the grand Master and father of Ogre, the “Awesomeous Maximous”, the Steve Jackson. I am still in touch with Steve and looking forward to do another project with him.

Traveller has highly detailed instrument panel and futuristic capitan chair hidden under rotating turret and cap. (Love to have close up photo of that also}

Forest made connection with Fasa Corporation and they commissioned me to make the 22 Star Trek Miniatures. Those miniatures are license by Paramount Picture and are famous for their extreme details and micro-miniature machining that never before or after matched. Those 22 miniatures by the way, received H G H Science Fiction Award.

It was mid 80's when I did the last of Fasa's contract. Moved to Washington State in 86 and some of the early jobs was in aircraft machine shops where I honed my machining skills by working as Journey Man machinist and tool and die maker.

Being an inventor and co-creator, I expanded my horizons to new product development since early childhood. Started from Idea Man in Texas, I worked with and helped many inventors, small and big companies in product development and often made things in my small shop that giant companies with millions of dollars of machines could not.

The secret was both flexibility and going above and beyond the obvious limits, the same mentality that is the true life force of "Science Fiction" and has taken us to the unseen and never imagined before.

I love co creation and know no limits or boundary for bringing the dreams and visions to reality.

I Salute you all and send you love & blessing to all of you Sci-Fi Fans out there. You are indeed the true crews of the “Star Trek”, you are the pioneers, the risk takers and the ones that are exploring the unknowns with the media that is available to you.

"DONT" Ever let anyone to stop you from exploring and following your heart's desire. You all have a built-in blue print that is your driving force, the splashing salmon inside of your stomach that wants to take you to a journey that looks like a million mile trip around the galaxy.

You are special; “YOU” have a very special gift and mission in life. Only you know what it is and your first responsibility is finding it!

Don’t give up and never forget the unpolished diamond that is hidden inside of you. I know that peer pressure, family and friends want you to be like your cousin, your next door neighbor and “FIT the Mold”. How boring and wasteful the life and all our greatest achievements would be if all great people that we know had given up and given up their feathers in order to become like everybody else!

Have faith and know that the same God, the ultimate creator of the universe that give you the vision also has plans for you and will provide you with answers and resources if you meet Him half the way. I did, and by the way, for those of you that don’t know, I was a blind person and had to overcome much more than just blindness!

Life, adventure and excitements; are what you make of it…

Make it a great and lasting one that you would be proud of!


Ab Mobasher
giraffoFly Design Studio

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