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Default Re: New Technique of the Week: an ongoing thread

Deprogramming (Brainwashing-2 or Psychology-6). Average, cannot exceed Brainwashing+4 or Psychology (whichever you based it on).

This is the specialised ability of un-Brainwashing people, rolled in a contest with the subject's Will. Taking extra time is common, the base time is a week. Modifiers: +2 for access to people who knew the subject well before they were Brainwashed, and +1 for having successfully Deprogrammed someone who had been Brainwashed in the same way as the subject. Cultural familiarity and language penalties apply. Suggested by Vicky_Molokh.

I reckon this is a Technique rather an optional specialisation because there are (or were) people who specialise heavily in this, and have only a basic knowledge of psychology.
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