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Default [Magic; Spaceships] Power Mad

Random thought: what if spaceships could use magic...
Already using a House System with Magic but calling it Psionics;
interstellar travel (and local high speed) is basically Gating.

Spaceship Magic Points?
Hmm, I have notes [YMMD] that say:
10FP approximate 3kw;
power plants rate 3mw per ton per power point.

If so, then an SM+7 ship with a 5ton power plant would have 50,000FP per power point?
But magic effects on its scale, approx. say 140 yards by 40yards, would need 1,400FP per level.

So, if I let Scaled Magic Points, approx 30 per power plant point, and just cost magic as SMPs,
I could have ships casting Shield to add +1-4 Dodge?

How about Fireballs and Armor? Maybe if I set the Damage ratings to scale with their ST?
SM+7 dST35, is that 7dD6 (70d6). And armor limit would be half dST, so dST/10 per level.?
Fireball level 3 would be 21dD6 for 3SMP; Armor level 5, 35dDR for 10SMP to caste/ 5SMP to maintain?

1 Power Point equates to 30SMP?
= Lots of magical fun with AI Magi Spaceships...
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