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Default Re: Necromancing thread

In the Munchkin forums, we have established an official rule about this: no necro-ing threads where the last post was more than three years ago. Largely, this was because we had a couple of posters who were calling up REALLY old rulings and asking if they were still in force, and those rulings were on cards or rules that had had the wording changed, often significantly. We got tired of explaining that over and over.

In the rest of the site, Eric's guidelines are pretty good ones. We strongly frown on "me too" or "+1" posts anyway, since they're entirely noise, no signal, and you can extend that to dredging up old discussions just to say "This makes sense to me" or something equally content-averse.

One explicit exception: if a thread got heated and you post to it in order to revive an old argument, even if you weren't part of that argument initially, it's likely we will close the thread and probably give you an infraction to boot. There is no reason whatsoever to relight old, dead flamewars.
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