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In addition, at least in my case, I'd also tack on Laziness to represent the inability to do what you're supposed to in order to operate in modern society when you need to - like looking for job when you've been laid off. But that's just me.

I too have this problem. I often find myself exploring abstract gaming concepts late into the night.

I think the Absent-Mindedness is great for showing the downside of extreme ADD effecting the every day, but it lacks the focusing potential of the "disorder" and the seemingly impossible ability of people with ADD to accomplish even the most daunting tasks overnight. I think Uncontrollable works in that some seem to be able to buy off the limitation as they grow older while others do not.

I like the Unreliable limitation for it's different levels of activation and how that would compare the different levels of severity in ADD. It could be applied to Single-Minded. This in turn combined with Absent-Mindedness would produce an almost perfect combination of the momentary bursts laser focus plus a general complete lack of focus.

A truly severe case would then be;

Single-Mindedness [w/Unreliable Activation number 5 (-80% or -4points)] 1 point (5-4=1)
Absent-Mindedness -15= -14 w/o Mitigator (Pharmaceutical or other)

A truly less extreme case would simply be -10.5 disadvantage with an activation number of 14.

For some diagnosed with ADD there eventually seems to be no Single-Mindedness and so then of course it would just be Absent-Mindedness.

Pharmaceuticals and other substances have proven to "mitigate" the "short attention span" of some or most ADD'ers, but those carry their own disadvantages and some even completely eliminate the advantage of the "disorder".

This is my opinion on the subject, and as always I eagerly await to hear all of yours as well.

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