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Question 34
What are the different districts of the city called, and where are they located?
How is each district characterised in regards to race, social class, civic function, architecture, etc? E.g. the docks area, the governmental district, etc.
What are some landmarks in each area?
And what are the names for the local Ratcatchers Den in each district?
Answer 34A- City Districts
The Gnome Quarter - The Shine
The Shine is the overall name for the historical gnome district of Newbridge and incorporates a few sub-districts. The highest point is Garrison Hill, and The Shine extends from there down through Bellsrung Plaez to Goldbrick Square, centre of the town's gold-trading and financial district. A wide, well-paved thoroughfare, Yellows Boulevard, connects these sub-districts, ending at the Koeng's Column monument in Goldbrick Square.

The style of many gnomish homes in the district are known as tall-lodges, as they had to be built to accommodate the occasional full-sized guest or visitor.

Garrison Hill
Yellowtop Garrison is the fortress located on Garrison Hill, built centuries ago by the gnomish Koeng of the Yellowtops to protect the surrounding area's trade from marauding kobold gangs. It has been cannibalised and rebuilt many times over since then, with the bulk of the current structure dating back at least a century. The garrison is currently home to Herrick's Half-blood Champions and the city's 1st Squadron of Combat Engineers.

Bellsrung Plaez
The grand Tinker's Bellstower stands at one end of Bellsrung Plaez. It houses a 15-bell carillon used to send out musical refrains encoded with various messages for the benefit of gnomish merchants across the city, mostly information such as gold prices, incoming shipments or other market news. The largest, deepest three bells are armed with extra clappers to send booming long distance messages up the valley to other nearby gnomish outposts.

Bellsrung Plaez, and its surrounding backstreets, is the main centre for gnomish tinkerer, toymaker and artificer establishments. You'll also find a few jewellers and weaponsmiths around, but the main jewellery centre is around Goldbrick Square. On Thursdays, the square fills with onlookers for the chariot races. The main draw is the porker chariots, pulled by teams of pigs no more than 6 hands tall, and the clock-driven cart demolition rally. Visitors are advised to bring their own shields and visors in case of flying debris.

Goldbrick Square
This is the site of the first goldseller's market in the city, and has thus evolved into the de facto banking and financial district. The square is surrounded by heavily barred and fortified shopfronts and imposing bank edifices. You can come here for goldsmiths, silverwrights, gemcutters and all associated kinds of jeweller. A good number of magic stores and weaponsmiths are also housed here, although they do aim for the extreme high end of the market- perfect if you want an emerald-encrusted greatsword or 24-carat filigreed brigandine.

While the gnomes traditionally founded the gold market here, the working populace of the area is a complete mixture of races, and so the nearby residential area is more cosmopolitan than the rest of The Shine.

Goldbrick Square being the largest concentration of gold and material wealth in Newbridge, there is a surrounding ring of establishments aimed at wealthy clientele and designed to siphon off some of that river of specie. So this is where you'll find the most up-market restaurants, clubs and hotels in Newbridge, as well as businesses catering for baser instincts. The local Ratcatchers' Guild Office in Silversmith Lane, the Dambaggers, has a strong interest in many of these businesses, and keeps note of which out-of-towners have purses in need of a judicial lightening.


Question 35
What's the main currency called? What denominations does it have? Are there any rival currencies or preferred forms of wealth?
And which is the best bank for a heavily treasure-laden monster slayer to keep their loot in? Or are there other options?
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