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I haz content!

A blogger's dozen (Part IV): 13 ideas for RPG articles
Continuing a series for fellow gaming bloggers: Another batch of ideas for articles that would be useful for GMs or interesting to players. (In other words, more items for padding your own list of 'Things I don't have time to actually write' : )

Dungeon Fantasy: The Musical! feat. Bards
The Dungeon Fantasy: Denizens series offers nice splatbooks for the Barbarian and Swashbuckler professions. An exercise: Pick another DF profession and scribble out everything that could possibly go into its book. What do you get? A lot of stuff, at least where magical minstrels are concerned.
I now want to create a bard with a Fine Quality Dwarvish bassoon, an optional skill specialty in Martial Music, the Trained by a Maestro advantage, and the Pickled Piper perk...

(So. Anyone else want to try that exercise with another profession? It's kind of fun!)
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