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Default Re: Role protection, Locksmiths vs Lockmaster

A few thoughts:
Comparison of Lockmaster vs. Lockpicking
-> Always 10 seconds (rather than 60)
-> Cheaper for a mage
-> Can open Magelocks
-> No equipment

-> Margin of success effects speed (5 seconds per point)
-> Takes equipment modifiers
-> Can make traps roll to circumvent trap
-> No mana/FP problems
-> No Magery 2 gating

Now, the main problem for the mage is that at an FP of 10 and skill 15, the mage can burn through 5 locks before needing to stop badly, and probably wants stop earlier to cast something else if needed. Now, if you want balance the scales closer (because skill 15 is easy to get for a Magery 2 mage), let thieves get a hold of good lockpicks, perhaps enchanted with Locksmith (+5 bonus!)
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