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Default Re: Best way to represent Voodoo Magic when using Realm Magic for everything else?

For the record, I only mentioned Mage: the Ascension by way of explanation. You don't actually need it; everything you need is in Thaumatology.

As for Voodoo: the Shadow War, all you really need to know it that it was where Path Magic originated, and that the Paths of Dreams, Health, Luck, Protection, and Spirits also originated in that book. Which is why I suggested them as a guide to what Voudoun ought to be able to do. And while they originated in Voodoo, they have been reproduced in Thaumatology.

Anyway, I'd also note that zombies are walking corpses i.e., bodies. While I'm guessing that you envisioned Body as dealing with living bodies, it wouldn't be inappropriate to have it deal with dead (and undead) bodies, too.

In general, I would recommend a more liberal use of the sub-Realm concept.
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