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Default Re: Minor Tweeks to Grappling Rules

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
I'm going to comment more extensively (with proper credit) on these on ye olde blogge.

And here they are:

Less-Technical Grappling
Cool! I'm glad I could contribute to your quest for better grappling rules of various levels of complexity (especially since I am indebted, in large part, to you for appreciated grappling to the level I do now). I like your suggestions, though I don't think I'll implement them all with my newbees. But I especially like your expansion of pass limb and the ability to grapple again for more penalties.

One question: since grappling the torso gives -4 to DX for actions involving the torso, but -2 to DX for actions involving the arms and legs only (and head, I guess), which actions with the arms do not involve the torso? Most weapons strikes, even one handed, require the core, so should those suffer the whole -4 to DX? What about parries and blocks? I think it would be safe to only penalize grapple attempts by -2 since grabbing is not the same as striking hard. Thanks!

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