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Default Re: Minor Tweeks to Grappling Rules

I have for some time now thought that MA superseded the "-4 DX for the grappled limb only" with a blanket -4 DX and the grappled limb, if other than the torso, being unusable.

Going back and re-reading it, I might have made a hen of a feather; MA119 under Pain and Breaking Free says "Attacks are at -4 while grappled and can’t involve any body part or weapon that your foe is restraining." and the rest of the paragraph makes some suggestions that could be interpreted that way too.

It seems I inferred a whole new ruleset from that passage. But we've been using that rule (apparently a house rule as it turns out) for a while now, and it's been working pretty well, making grappling attractive to use and dangerous to be on the receiving end of. Food for thought?
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