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Default Minor Tweeks to Grappling Rules

I was wondering what everyone thought about three tweaks to the grappling rules in basic and MA that I am considering. I do have technical grappling and would like to use it, but I have a campaign with 6 newish players and it would be too confusing and bog things down. That said, some of the stuff in Technical Grappling, like limb grapples affecting the whole body at 1/2 and cp being useful for targeting hit locations with strikes would be very useful. This is a LT Monster Hunters game and increased ability to hit things like the heart or eyes will be very useful. So here are my three house rules:

1) Grappling any hit location penalizes DX by -4 for that location and -2 for every other location.

2) Once a target is grappled, penalties to target any hit location with a strike are halved, round up (as per penalties to grapple hit locations).

3) Institute the Pass Limb rule on pg 24-25 of Technical Grappling except that instead of maintaining CP, a success results in being able to free one limb while maintaining full ST score for ST based affects and any bonuses you had accumulated against attempts to break free (like +5 for using 2 hands and +4 for an arm lock).

I am trying to keep it simple while also making grappling more attractive and giving the players a way to target difficult hit locations that is tactically more interesting.

What do you think, workable and balanced?
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