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Default Best way to represent Voodoo Magic when using Realm Magic for everything else?

I'm working on a character for my Marvel Reboot project that uses Voodoo magic - mostly in the reanimation of the dead as zombies, but possibly some other tricks as well (such as the classic voodoo doll and summoning/bargaining with the loa).

Normally, I'd go with Path/Book or RPM for this. However, I've also previously established that magic in the Marvel Universe works off the rules for Realm magic.

I've currently got six main Realms - Energy, Matter, Mind, Space, Spirit, and Time - alongside a few sub-Realms ("Fire" as a sub-Realm of Energy, for example). Also, the Realms operate on a six-tier power progression, with the top tier off-limits for everything but cosmic entities and Elder Gods. I can see Spirit as being a main Realm, but not sure if that would cover zombie reanimation.

Any suggestions for how to pull this off?
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