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Default Re: Alternate storage solutions

When I have the money, I'm investing in these:

Really Useful Boxes

84 Litre Box-33.50
(Holds 8 of the 6 compartment or 16 compartment trays).

16 Compartment Tray-7.33

6 Compartment Tray-7.33

I'll need the following:

x3 84 Litre Boxes. 1 for COMBINE, 1 for PANEUROPE, 1 for Terrain Overlays, Generic OGREs, Structures, Buildings, Trains, ect.

x18 16 Compartment Trays, x6 6 Compartment Trays.

These will provide storage/carry capacity for all the OGRE Chipboard stuff (OGRE DE, Sponsor Sheets, 6th Edition), with plenty of room to grow (Reinforcements, ect, and the plastic units). The nice thing about the Trays is all the OGREs fit sitting normally because the height is such that the towers have plenty of overhead space.

So, that's a price tag of around: 276.42 not including Shipping and Handling. Totally worth it.
33.50 x 3 = 100.50 / 7.33 x 18 = 131.94 / 7.33 x 6 = 43.98 = 276.42 Total

I also use the Really Useful Box .55 Litre for grease Pencils and OGRE Dice.

I'll post some images when I have these and all my OGRE goodies sorted and stored in them.
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