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Default New player question/s....

Howdy! Me and the kids played our first game yesterday. I then went online and watched a few videos about gameplay.
My question is about items/treasure you get from your initial 8 cards and then others you get throughout the game.
Do you put all items down on the table in front of you but turn the ones that aren't equipped sideways?


Do you put items in your hand that you aren't using? For example, if I'm a dwarf and acquire a "human only" item like armor or a weapon, do I still put it on the table or do I keep it in my hand even though I can't use it?

Also, once an item is put on the table you are not allowed to return it to your hand, right? So, if I get a 1hand weapon equipped and then get a 2hander, the 1handed weapon gets turned sideways when the 2hander is equipped, right? It does not go back into my hand even though I am no longer using it, right?

Thanks guys!

Edit: Also, any items that I am not using, whether in my hand or turned sideways on the table, can those be traded to other players or discarded from a curse or other game mechanic?
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