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Default Re: Pyramid #3/102: Epic

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
I did have just a couple of questions about the system, though. First, the article is actually unclear about which skills the imbuement skills' specializations are based on. I assume from context that it's crafting skills (since things like (Melee Weapons) and (Missile Weapons) are Armoury specializations), but it's not spelled out anywhere I could see, and I think that could be clarified.
That's discussed in "Crafting Imbuement Specialties" on p. 7. I'd suggest rereading that section carefully, after which if anything is still unclear about it, please ask!

Second, how would you add a destiny or purpose to an object? Say you wanted to make a sword that had the mystical purpose of "Slay the Ogre of Red Wood". Would that just be the Infuse Gear skill, with advantages like Higher Purpose or Destiny? Or is Infuse Gear supposed to be about adding advantages to the item's "character sheet", and adding traits to the user of the item would be better handled with another skill?
I don't think that the user/wielder is involved at all here; it's the item's Destiny, not theirs. So I'd just add this via Infuse Gear.
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