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Default Re: Planes of existence, How many?

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
If I'm divining the purpose of the questions correctly, (E) is wanting some lists of names and types of planes that could be used in a campaign.

So, Esotericism has a few major divisions.

Buddhism lists 31 planes of existence.

D&D has a myriad plethora of planes.

You could also dig into Dante's Inferno, with 9 circles of Hell, where some of the lower circles are subdivided into further realms. Purgatory and Heaven have similar treatments.
Well, one of the things on planes is about the GENERAL planes, and the many subrealms. For example, in WoD, the Fae come from the Dreamlands. This Realm is subdivided into Near Dream, Far Dream and the Deep Dream. The Near Dream ressambles the material world, just a little bit more collorful and vivid... Something like the Avatar movie. In the Far Dream you'll find all the impossibly fantastic - yep, the typical Dungeon Fantasy is there. But you can also find Darth Vader commanding several StarTroopers, or Hercules fighting the Hidra. The Far Dreaming have several "Realms" inside the "sub" plan, like "star Wars" Realm, "Lord of the Rings" Realm and so on. And the Deep Dream is the stuff of nightmares and madness; it represents the deepest corners of the mind, the darkest reaches of the subconscious, and it is extremely Dangerous.

Also, each dreamer forms a "bubble", a temporary Realm, floating between the Far and Deep Dream.

Therefore, the Dreamlands have 3 major portions or "sub planes" and an infinity number of Realms, each one of which can be as big as the universe, but it is still only one single plane, the Dreamlands.
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