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(1) is setting-dependent, and could be any number you like. Enumerating all the ones mentioned in published fantasy would produce quite a long list, even if we count "infinite realities" as just one per author. Trimming the near-duplicates and close analogs would be its own chore.
Yes, exactly. If I decide that my vision of a fantasy world doesn't involve plane X, then I will either choose a magic system that doesn't assume plane X, edit out the spells that require plane X, or reinterpret those spells to work without assuming a separate plane. Game mechanics serves world concept, not the other way round.

I've only run one campaign that explicitly provided alternate planes, and what I used for that was Ken Hite's four realms from GURPS Cabal: the material world, the world of legends, the world of divine archetypes, and the world of ultimate oneness. And I set the campaign in the world of legends.
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