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Default Re: New Technique of the Week: an ongoing thread

OK, how about this as a technique?

Lock-blocking (Lockpicking or Mechanic (Locks and Safes)). Average, default prerequisite, cannot exceed prerequisite+4.

This lets you buy up skill in making locks very hard to open. A success makes it impossible to open the lock in the normal way, and the success roll is used in a quick contest with a Lockpicking or Mechanic (Locks and Safes)* roll to open the lock. Taking extra time to open a blocked lock is common.

Equipment is important for this technique. Basic equipment is the tools of the prerequisite skill, plus some coarse sand and some kind of space-filling glue, resin, caulk or cement. Improvised equipment might be some clay and ordinary sand. Quality equipment would be modified keys intended to be broken off in the lock, or fluid glues intended to be infiltrated into a combination lock.

Removing the opening handle of a safe or the dial of a combination lock also works, although it's obvious. Setting off a safe or vault's relocker* is the best method, if it's available.

*See "Safes and how to Open Them", in Pyramid #3/47
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