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Default Munchkin: Oz Brains, Courage, and Heart! and Hot Balloon

Hi all!
Recently got back into Munchkin and bought a few of the artist editions including Oz. Planning on running a few big Munchkin games on Easter.
Had a couple questions on some cards I couldn't find answers using search.

1. I ran into the cards Brains!, Courage!, and Heart!
How and when are these played? There's no value so they don't seem to be items and they don't seem to be one-shots. Are they just played anytime from Hand and never leave the table?

2. I saw that Hot Air Balloon is a one-shot from an older post. I would assume it's played straight from the Hand and can not be played from the Table since it's not an item due to it not having a gold piece value or "no value"?

Thanks much.
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