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Default Re: [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

Originally Posted by (E)
I would post this in the world building thread but I don't want to dominate the posts, Going off the dungeon fantasy books the playable race list is a bit larger than the few you put up.
Cat folk
Corpse eaters
dark one
Faerie folk
Goblin kin (catch all name for half orcs and the like)
Half spirits
wild man
and a few others

No criticism on my part, I'm just checking to see how familiar you are with the books

I know. But not all of those goes in the taste of everyone. Even Half Orcs are a wild guess. For example, Ogres are usually seen as irevocably evil, corpse eaters are... Honestly, they are in the WTF?! section, minotaus wild beasts... I know that those are "playable" races on DF, but many people disregard them althoghether (me myself for example). But I guess this is worth noting in the topic, and perhaps suggest that those other races are either not present, or are a tiny minority, and see what others. Imho, not all of those described races are fitting on "civilized" places - goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, gnolls, ogres, and all races that are irrevocably evil would never be accepted on a civilized city - not just the goblin-kin, dark-elves too fit in here, neither would races too wild like minotaurs, faeries or reptilians and coleopterans. And some races would be downright hated and feared to the point of religious persecution and inquisitorial execution, like the corpse eaters, dark ones and infernals. That would basically leave catfolks, half spirits, celestials and perhaps the eventual infernal that can hide its ancestry and features, as possible additional minority races.
However, I say "let the people speak"
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