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Default Re: [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

Outstanding questions (paraphrased)

Question 6) What are the typical types of commerce in the city?

Question 7) How do the races interact on day to day basis among general population?

Question 8) What are some names for the religious groups?

Question 9) What are the hidden religious groups? Where do they hide, and how do they survive? What are they plotting?

Question 10) How do the guilds and religious groups choose their leaders?

Question 11) Are there many Faiths and are any of them race specific?

Question 12) What are the unofficial political powers?

Answer to Question 12)
The local thieves guild operates from behind a semi-legitimate front, the "Ratcatchers Guild" one of the many non-council guilds within the city. The maintain some political power through extortion of the poor and lower classes as well as some selective blackmail of the more politically powerful. They are present throughout the city and have many members.

Answer to Question 8)
The large cathedral in the center of the city is devoted to the worship of the "Pantheon" as a whole. It is a multidenominational institution that worships a large group of allied gods. Needless to say it is a rather chaotic place. Smaller churches also exist but they are generally devoted to a single deity. The largest of the churches are devoted to the patron deity of each district.

As there are a multitude of questions outstanding I will forgo adding any new ones.
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