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Default Re: [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

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Question 5) Where can a battered delving party go to get urgent medical attention?
Assuming that most neighborhoods are dominated by a single race (so, there is the "Human Town", "Little Elven Vale", "Dwarven Quadrant" etc), each neighborhood has at least one temple to the faith of the race that has trained clerics apt to heal. The city's Center also offer a pletora of alchemists/herbalists shops, and the market of potions is very common on the main market. The Great Temple offers the best in terms of healing - including ressurection and curse removal - if one can spare the coins.
Usually, trying to get assistence on a Temple of another race is more expensive, unless you are well liked by the local folks.
Half Elves dont have much luck in this regard, since there is no half elve neighborhoods - or temples.

Well, since I've made 3 questions (which would be 6,7 and 8 respectively), this would number 9

Question 9 - Are there hidden, clandestine, faiths? (Specific, evil ones?). Where do they hide, and how do they survive? What are they plotting?
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