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Default [MA] Disarm QC, Rapid Strike, and Feint

Took me a while, but I was able to confirm that effects like Rapid Strike do affect the attacker's side of Quick Contests (FREX: Judo throws)—Technical Grappling, at least, makes this explicit. I'm also reasonably certain that a Feint is applied to the defender's side of said QC (this may be explicit somewhere, but I don't know where). But these Quick Contests are specifically stated as requiring an "attack action."

A Disarming attempt comes in two parts: the attack on the weapon, which is treated normally in all respects, and if that succeeds, an immediate Quick Contest—this QC is not an "attack action" per se (as far as I've been able to determine).

Therefore, the question: does Rapid Strike apply to the attacker's side of the Disarm Contest, and does Feint apply to the defender's side? If I had to rule myself, I'd probably say "yes," if only for simplicity's sake.
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