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Default Re: Refplaces GURPS Landing Page

Updates made to Lantern Guild and added Black Lantern (water) page

Lantern Guild Added description and details of the magic systems used. See the bottom of the page. Also linked to the Black Lantern Guild page. The Lantern page gives a description for a sample guild that is part of the local society and may be useful as an example.

Black Lanterns Added a page describing these water mages which includes several Path rituals. The new rituals are probably the most useful part of each individual guild.
I have all the individual Lantern Guilds made up for my setting but my personal notes includes details I need to cut out before publishing to the net.

I will update them all as time allows, probably in alphabetical order, though if anyone wants to see a specific guild write up I will bump that to the top.
Edited: Completed upload of all Lantern Guild types, everyone of which can be found from the Lantern Guild page above.
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