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Default Re: Refplaces GURPS Landing Page

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
I do have individual links to each page, most from the GURPS landing page in my sig link. Its organized by topic though so no way to easily see what is new.

GURPSDay posts are based on blog entries, I had to see how it worked today to confirm that.
So I will post a blog entry for new content with a short description and a link to the page where the content is.
I will shorten all blog posts so they are easier to scroll through and viewers can more easily see what they want and that only.
The format of your blog and length of your blog posts are both fine. But I'd like to see links to specific posts in your announcements on this forum.

Mailanka's Musings -- GURPS Content Post is an example of what I like to see in a blog post announcement thread. Most of his posts are short announcements for his blog posts. In each announcement, he embeds direct links to the article.
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