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Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
You're posting content on a separate webpage? I didn't know that. Personally, I would put everything on one webpage to make things easy to find. If you're going to post on separate webpages, you should add links on your blog so that people can find them. Including a link to the homepage for that separate webpage.
Thanks for the feed back. I will wait a bit to see more responses but will be making changes based on your feedback.
My sig link goes to the Landing page so people can easily avoid the rest of the blog if they want to.
I want to maintain one blog because it is easier for me and my other sections are not huge draws but they do get views and if they attract anyone at all to GURPS its a win.

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post

One issue is that the link in your sig directs people to your GURPS Landing Place Tab instead of your Home Tab. Your Home Tab shows your latest articles while your Landing Place Tab doesn't. Directing people to your Home Tab would make it easier for people to find recent articles.

You should also include direct links to specific articles on your blog so that people who come across this thread years in the future can easily find them. When you post GURPS content to your other webpage(s), I'd suggest posting a direct link on both your blog and this thread.
I do have individual links to each page, most from the GURPS landing page in my sig link. Its organized by topic though so no way to easily see what is new.

GURPSDay posts are based on blog entries, I had to see how it worked today to confirm that.
So I will post a blog entry for new content with a short description and a link to the page where the content is.
I will shorten all blog posts so they are easier to scroll through and viewers can more easily see what they want and that only.
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