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Default Re: Enhanced Dodge 1 -80% [3]

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I wonder if you could swap one of those for "melee attacks only" -20% or "ranged attacks only" -20%.
What I wrote above was meant for Melee Only anyway, that's sort of included in the Only Against <Style> Limitation. Choosing shurikenjutsu or kyujutsu as the Style would technically be allowed, making it Ranged Only, but I'm not sure that's all that realistic. Enhanced Dodge (Melee Only -20%, One Foe Only -20%, All Out Defense Only -20%) is probably also realistic, so if you can add another -20% Limitation that is realistic you'd get to -80%.

For realistic Ranged Only Enhanced Dodge, I'd be tempted to allow a single level of Enhanced Dodge (Ranged Only -20%, Only While Moving Half Move or More -20%) in a realistic campaign, to represent particularly evasive movement (maybe add another -5% or -10% to disallow attacking while using it). One Foe -20% and All Out Defense Only -20% could be tacked on to drop it to -80%.
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