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Default Re: Enhanced Dodge 1 -80% [3]

One Foe Only (only available while using the One Foe option from Technical Grappling) might be worth -20%. All Out Defense Only (only available while taking an appropriate All Out Defense) might similarly be worth -20%. Only Against <Style> (only works against a foe fighting using the defined fighting style, for which you must have Style Familiarity) may be worth -30%, although an uncommon style (1-6% of combatants use it) would be worth a full -40%.

So, if you've specifically trained to defend against attacks of a particular, uncommon fighting style, and you use All Out Defense (Increased Dodge) while ignoring everything outside of your chosen foe, you get a further +1 to Dodge. That doesn't seem outright unrealistic to me (particularly as it's only boosting the +3 - +4 if the foe used a Deceptive Attack or similar - of the above options combined into a +4 - +5 for Deceptive Attack). malloyd's mention of One Person Only is probably realistic as well, although useless.
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