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Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
None. Severely limited abstract bonuses aren't realistic. Anything that limited and possible is usually something anybody can attempt, so it isn't worth any points (and is probably already a kind of retreat, acrobatic dodge, or all-out defense).
Nah, I bet Accessiblity (only one person) -80% would be completely realistic. Getting especially good against a particular regular practice opponent is something that happens all the time in one on one sports, so I'd be fine with you buying Enhanced Dodge with it for a regular sparing partner.

But I will say that I tend to be suspicious of *anything* that has more than two limitations on it. You can't count count on the rules as written values of enhancements or limitations to be fair for everything even if you are only applying one of them (there's always some advantage for which something is especially crippling or irrelevant), but once you start combining a lot of them the odds you aren't going to need to tweak something go down a lot.
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