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Default Re: GURPS ULTRATECH ballistics?

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Hm, what I'd do is divide 1180 by 7 getting 168 and some decimals. Then I'd multiply that by 2 and add it to the 1180 getting 1517 (and some more decimals). Or even more simply I'd multiply 1180 by 1.2857 and get 1517.

The situation you've outlined is one where damage increased is linear with velocity increase.
Unfortunately from my perspective, that seems to line up with what they're using with GURPS ADVENTURE GUNS. The stats I got matched up almost exactly (as far as damage goes).

What I probably should do is grab some stats on modern weapons and compare them against GURPS HIGH TECH just to see if they vary or not. If so, perhaps use the methodology you suggest above just to see how it works. In fact, when I get the chance (got errands to do just now), I'll try it your way and see how it works with the original Black Powder database to see where they vary or not.

The goal I think, is to get an "average damage value" which does factor in velocity squared. The divisor of 450395 is likely a conversion factor between imperial units and metrics. I'm going to have to find the original spreadsheet Doug gave me to confirm.

What I didn't understand in Doug's sheet were the metrics of 1/2 damage, etc and expansion of gases etc.

Hopefully, Doug himself will chime in on this, because I dimly recall I confirmed my formula with him before going with it...

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