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Default Re: GURPS ULTRATECH ballistics?

Originally Posted by hal View Post
So, a weapon that normally does 2d6 damage, with a 66 grain bullet, has to have a velocity of 1180 feet per second - regardless of whether it was produced by black powder, modern gun powder, or even liquid propellant. In order to achieve an average damage of 9 points instead of 7, we'd need to increase the velocity if we keep the grain weight the same.

So how much of a velocity increase are we talking about?

We'd need to get the velocity from 1180 up to 1490 feet per second. ..
Hm, what I'd do is divide 1180 by 7 getting 168 and some decimals. Then I'd multiply that by 2 and add it to the 1180 getting 1517 (and some more decimals). Or even more simply I'd multiply 1180 by 1.2857 and get 1517.

The situation you've outlined is one where damage increased is linear with velocity increase.
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