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Default Re: New Technique family of the week: Focussed

Here are some more Techniques for this family:

<Specific menu> (Cooking): This is buying up skill in preparing a limited range of related dishes.

<Specific code/cipher decryption> (Cryptography): This is buying up skill in decrypting a specific code or cipher. For example, even once the WWII-period Enigma cipher was fully understood and methods for breaking it established, doing the work required skill.

<Archetype> (Disguise): This is buying up skill in a specific disguise that isn't impersonation of a specific person. The ever-popular generic homeless person is an example.

<Specific code/cipher use> (Electronics Operation (Communications)): This is buying up skill in operating a specific code or cipher, many of which required skill to operate correctly before software took over the task at TL8.

<Spirit type> (Exorcism): This is buying up skill in exorcism of a specific type of possessing spirit: demon, disease, ghost, etc.

<Specific vehicle model> (Mechanic (Vehicle type)): This is buying up skill in maintaining and repairing a specific model of vehicle.

Agenda (Propaganda): This is buying up skill in doing Propaganda for a particular course of action. It's surprisingly common amongst lobbyists, and can lead to politically-appointed jobs in government.
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