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Default Individual Attribute Costs

So I'm creating a new character for a campaign and the GM set the cost of strength and health to half off in order to make it easier for some of the newer players etc... I foiund in the builder under modify>defines called stCost(x). In that, I was able to make the adjustment on strength by dividing the returned data by 2 in both cases (enhStCost(x) and attCost(x). I'm not sure if that's the most elegant solution and I can't seem to find a similar place to do this for Health cost.

I'm hoping someone more experienced can provide me some direction on the right way to make that adjustment. It's not really stopping me from creating the character but it is annoying as I wanted to use it to generate everyone's so the math is all nice and the sheets print out pretty. :-D

Please let me know if anyone can help with this.

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