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Default Munchkin Quest Game Dispute

My friends and I were playing a game of 3 player Munchkin Quest and we had 3 situations that could've caused us all to win and we're not 100% sure who won in the end. One friend was fighting the boss in the entrance and a wandering monster was played so he used a curse that made it chase another player. We thought that since it was during combat, because it does not specify if it ends the combat or not, it would not be legal and therefore wasn't able to be used, so he lost. Another friend, used Mate against my boss which makes an exact replica of the monster but we do not know for sure if this applies to the boss. We allowed it, which in doing so overpowered the boss and I lost. With the outcome of the other 2 scenarios, 2 of us were dead and the third person fought the boss and won. We're wondering who would've won in the end. I know it says to settle your own disputes in the instructions but we were really curious and I was hoping someone could answer this. If not, sorry for making you read this and thank you for your time.
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