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Default Re: [GURPS resources] T Bone's Games Diner updates & announcements

Hi! Wow, some new blog content appeared at the Games Diner over the past few weeks! How'd that happen?

Here's what's landed on the menu:

Cardboard Heroes artist hard at work on new figures for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy boxed set?
Okay, there's nothing at all surprising in this "rumor" post. Still, it may be of minor interest to Dungeon Fantasy RPG watchers.

GURPS' next big release gears up to tackle... the dungeon!?
Months-late reaction to the announcement of DFRPG. (Yes, the news is as fresh as the food at the Diner!)

Delving dungeons four ways with GURPS
A short look at different ways to dungeon-delve in GURPS, with or without DFRPG.

Get Religion with Dungeon Fantasy 7: Clerics
Some thoughts upon reading this fun book in the DF series.

Gaming Tips: Taking your chances on 3d6
A slightly math-y look at the probabilities involved in success rolls, with the goal of extracting a rule-of-thumb answer to a basic question: Just how much does a +1 bonus or -1 penalty matter? (Short answer: More than you might think!)

Conan the Barbarian: An original source-based analysis
A contributed analysis of Conan, aimed at building a definitive GURPS 4e version based on source material citations. A must for fans of the barbarian's barbarian!

Tiny GURPS idea: A better Outdoorsman
A wee suggestion for further additions to the Outdoorsman Talent.

Books we want: How to Be a GURPS Player
We have the book How to Be a GURPS GM, and it is great. Hm, what might lie within a companion How to Be a GURPS Player book?

Mm, that's quite a passel of slo-o-o-o-w-cooked dishes. And it looks like there's even more nutrient sludge accumulating in the Plankto-Matic™ krill vats out back. So come on over to the Games Diner, where the content is always free and always worth the price!
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