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Default Rejoice with Me, for I Have Found My Sheep which Was Lost!

Dr. Anderson learns from Hayden Avery the guard that Terry Amiti was among the high-risk patients by the time Avery came to work at Manhanock Security, which was in 2007. At the time, Terry was difficult to manage, but with care and patience, could be kept from destructive rages. As the years went by, that changed. For the past few years, Terry had been a holy terror, entirely beyond the ability of the guards to handle.

Warden Tyrrell told everyone that Chief Administrator Findlay had applied for some additional guards and orderlies trained in managing dangerous patients, but that additional funding had been refused. It was then that Terry Amiti was approved for experimental treatment with Dr. Cotton, which would have been back in 2012-2013. When that didn't work and a number of people had been seriously injured, Warden Tyrrell ended up removing Terry from the patient population by locking him in a disused part of the tunnels. He had guards leave him food and drink, but otherwise, Terry was left to his own devices.

That was maybe a year ago. Since then, the Warden has apparently exiled more people to the tunnels, first just patients, but later orderlies and guards who objected too strongly. All of them agents of the Shadow Government and the lizard people, obviously. Avery is clearly uncomfortable talking about it and mentions that he and a lot of other guards objected at the time. That was when Warden Tyrrell threathened their families if they became 'traitors' to the cause. He showed them pictures of their loved ones and explained that Cherry Bell's men on the mainland could snatch them anywhere. Warden Tyrrell explained that she'd been a part of a Shadow Government supersoldier project and still had allies who were highly trained black operatives with capabilities beyond any ordinary man.

While Dr. Anderson has many more questions about the strange story, he realises that given the current situation, he should probably be asking about something with more immediate utility in keeping him alive.

With that in mind, Dr. Anderson gets Avery to confirm that the heavy crew-served weapons are still located in the observation towers and still have something called a thermal imagining weapon sight. There are also two 'fifty-cal' rifles and a couple of other sniper rifles among the guard force, but Avery doesn't know where they are now, other than the towers or the roof of the highest buildings would make sense. Asked about the location of a jammer, Avery doesn't know what Dr. Anderson is talking about, as there is no radio-jammer among the guard's equipment, but supplies that anything secret and important to the defence of Jewell Island is likely kept where Warden Tyrrell can keep an eye on it.

Dr. Anderson: "And are all the guard force solidly behind Warden Tyrrell? Would they all shoot at federal agents for him?"
Avery: "Not everybody likes him all that much, but he's a strong leader. I think everyone will fight if the Shadow Government attacks us. We've got a lot of supplies and are well set up for a siege. We've, uh, also armed some of the orderlies. Some of them have seen the lizard people too and they want to defend humanity."
Dr. Anderson: "Uh-huh. Aside from disguised secret agents that Warden Tyrrell has shown you, have you ever seen one of these lizard people? In their natural form, so to speak?"
Avery: "They're down there in the tunnels. Some of us have seen them skulking when we've had to go down there. I haven't seen a fully scaled one, but I've seen their glowing, unnatural eyes watching me from the darkness. Please, sir, when the Shadow Government gets here, you'll tell them I helped? You won't let them give me to the monsters?!"

Dr. Anderson reassures Avery on that point, but has more or less come to the end of his 'tactical' vocabulary. He decides that he needs someone with actual training in killing people and breaking things to help him get more operationally useful data from Avery.

Dr. Anderson: "Taylor, would you mind coming in here for a moment?"
Taylor: "Sure, doc. We oughta be goin' anyhow."

Taylor and Bell come walking into the guards' dining hall from the lobby. Taylor still has one arm protectively around Bell, who is nestled against him in a manner that Dr. Anderson diagnoses as genuine need for support and not part of her flirtateous persona. Even though the dining hall has normal lighting, Taylor's eyes are still in that uncanny configuration that Dr. Anderson supposes is his night-operation mode, no visible whites, just huge inhuman orbs reflecting light like silver luminious strips. When Avery sees Taylor he screams in terror and faints dead away.

Taylor: "Whoa, doc! Were it somethin' I said?"
Dr. Anderson: "I rather suspect it was your eyes."
Taylor: "My eyes? Oh, ya mean they look different when I wanna see in the dark?"
Anderson: "You really do not know?"
Taylor: "Sorry, doc. Ain't many people look you in the eye in the Castle an' anyhow, a prison is pretty well lit most o' the time."
[Taylor reluctantly lets go of Bell and moves over to the unconscious Avery]
Taylor: "Ya think I might could explain I don't wanna hurt him none?"
Anderson: "I think waking up to the sight of you would probably simply unhinge him all the more."
[Taylor grimaces]
Taylor: "I ain't any kind of monster, doc. An' I kin change m' eyes back to normal."
Anderson: "I did not say you were a monster, Taylor. Mr. Avery, however, appears to be strongly delusional and your... fetching, but unusual eye colour played into his delusions. I doubt we could convince him that you were not a manifestation of his darkest fears without weeks of psychotherapy."
Taylor: "Awww, shoot, doc. Didya at least get information on where to find the jammer?"
Anderson: "Regrettably, no."
Taylor: "Fudge sticks up a fudge tree! Uh, pardon my French, Sherilyn, doc."

Dr. Anderson assures Taylor gravely that his 'French', while sometimes indecipherable, has not offended him yet.

Taylor suggests that as the three guards are all unconscious, it might be a good time to find them a place to rest and recover, before leaving the barracks. They then carry the three guards downstairs and place them on stretchers with restraints. Taylor spends some time listening at the blast door to the tunnels, but does not hear anything suggesting that there are guards close to it. They troops back upstairs and Taylor carries out an equipment check on Dr. Anderson. As he does, he takes the opportunity to speak with Dr. Anderson. Sherilyn Bell is close by, playing with her new rifle, switching the tactical light on and off, checking out the infrared light feature in her NV optics.

Taylor: "Doc, I reckon you's here to figure if Sherilyn is gonna help us an' if she safe to let out. You's suppose to give a report on her to our handlers. Ain't that so?"
Anderson: "Broadly speaking, that is correct."
Taylor: "I'ma gonna ask you not to do that. At least, not to tell them folk everything. I knowed you done seen some things might could worry our handlers some. I figure they'd wanna cage Sherilyn or kill her if'n they hear. I understan' we ain't close an' you might could still be sore at Sherilyn over that shot back when, but I'ma still asking you. Please. She don't deserve more hurt, doc."
Anderson: "As I told Ms. Bell, earlier, I certainly do not approve of the things that were done to her. I have hardly had any time to evaluate Ms. Bell, however, and I simply do not know whether I would recommend any treatment that could be performed on an out-patient basis. You will excuse me, Ms. Bell, but you have been through an ordeal that anyone would require a long time in a peaceful setting to recover from."
Taylor [dangerous edge to voice]: "Is you sayin' you'd let them throw her in a place like this again? I done knowed you'd been doin' work with these people, experimentin' on people, but I figured you had some finer feelings."
Anderson: "Easy, Taylor. I was a young man then and I was hardly responsible for the decisions at the top."
Taylor: "So ya were jes' a Baby Mengele, is that it?"
[Cherry Bell, lingering nearby, snickers and points a finger at Dr. Anderson]
Bell: "Chasie just called you a Nazi, Mr. M!"
Anderson: "As far as I know, every patient of mine consented to the experimental treatments. Though I will admit, to my shame, that I was not always as scrupulous as I should have been in confirming what my superiors told me. But I assure you both, I am no longer the same man. I have not worked on any military project since Jade Serenity. My medical work now is primarily with children."
Taylor [low growl]: "Jes' stop, doc. We's gonna hafta work together for a spell longer an' I don't wanna hafta do anythin' to ya."
Anderson: "What are you talking about?"
Taylor: "If'n ya say a word about experiments on children, I ain't gonna be responsible for what happens."
Anderson [hurt]: "I specialise in sleep therapy for children, often children who cannot sleep because of chronic pain or terminal illness. And I assure you, Taylor, that nothing could make me harm a hair on their heads. Just as I am not about to do anything to make it more likely that Ms. Bell here is deprived of her life or liberty if I am in a position to help her."

There is an awkward silence, which a shamefaced Taylor finally breaks.

Taylor: "Well, don't I jes' feel lower than a squashed snake, doc. I'm truly sorry. I oughta know better'n be judging folk all up on m' high horse, when I's a wretched sinner me own self. Ain't no sin the Lord cain't forgive and ain't no thing more joyful than atonement o' the heart an' soul, doc. You's a changed man an' the Lord love ya for it. Willya accept my humbles' apology?"
Anderson: "How can I not, when it is so handsomely offered?"

Dr. Anderson and Taylor shake hands, with Taylor pulling Anderson in for a hearty backslapping hug.
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