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Default New Technique of the week: <Specific organisation> (Administration)

Edit: This thread is part of a series where I intend to invent a lot of Techniques, to fill out the support for non-combat skills. There's more about my plans and objectives here.

<Specific organisation> (Administration). Average, cannot exceed Administration.

This allows buying off the penalties to deal with an organisation that works in a strange way. First, buy the appropriate Cultural Familiarity if it's part of an alien culture, then buy up this technique.

The prototypical organisation that needs this is the modern US Department of Defense, which has found the need to operate Defense Acquisition University to teach people how to run its spending programs. These work in ways that make no sense to foreigners at first sight, such as the Foreign Military Sales program. It probably imposes a penalty of -2 to Administration for people who don't know how to work with it.

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