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Default Re: Discworld short game

A starting idea, based on a short scenario I ran some years ago, for which I unfortunately no longer have notes:

1. Build a party of 25-point characters, most of them based on the Fourecksian Backpacker template. You can use this to demonstrate the variety of types you can build from the same template - so you've got the big one, the sociable one, the lucky one, and so on. But you can also throw in a wandering minstrel who's joined them on the road, built on the Entertainer template, or you could even probably come up with a decent talking horse character (bought from the sale of a deceased wizard's estate to pull their cart) for 25 points, to really show off the versatility of the system.

2. Okay, so our heroes are heading from NoThingfjord to Genua through some patch of mountains. There's a high pass in front of them, and the weather is closing in, but they don't want to hang around. Fortunately, they meet a local part-time postmaster, who has a small package that needs to be delivered to someone who lives up that way; he can attach a note to the package saying that, if it is delivered unopened, the recipient can pay the delivery charges by putting these people up for the night.

3. When they reach the address on the package - a rather Gothic-looking mansion - there's no response to a knock on the door, but the door does seem to be unlocked and even ajar. Night is closing in, and there's a stable block - but would that be secure enough against the wolf pack that's audibly approaching?

4. And what has happened to the occupants of the house? Is the owner a wizard, or a mad doctor, or an experimental theologian, who's suffered an experimental accident? Is the problem something more mundane, like bandits? Or is the disappearance tied up with that wolf pack, and with the full moon that's just rising? And what is in the package? A cure for the problem? A vital component of the experiment, along with a note saying "sorry I forgot this bit - hope you didn't do anything crazy like trying anything without it"? Top quality dog biscuits from Ankh-Morpork?

For a 2.5 hour scenario with 25 point characters, don't set up any overly epic fight scenes - wolves can probably be driven off by waving torches at them - but a few quick rounds of brawling can demonstrate the combat rules a bit.
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