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Default Re: Technique family of the week: Focussed

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
This seems like about the same level of specialisation as One-Task Wonder (PU2: Perks p. 17), and a future writeup might perhaps usefully mention those rules as an alternative way of achieving a similar thing. I could quite readily see allowing that guy in the furniture factory to learn OTW: Carpentry (Dovetail Joints) with his first at-work experience point, giving him an effective skill of IQ; then the second one would let him buy base Carpentry (= IQ) and the point from the perk could be converted to this technique (= IQ+1). This breaks even for an Average skill, where the second point allows the non-focussed elements to be brought up to stat-1, but not for a Hard skill, where you'd need to keep the OTW until you had a third point to put into the technique or skill.
Agreed. I made most of those points in my introductory posting for this series, which seems to have fallen off the front page before anyone commented.
I think it's worth keeping this explicitly distinct from normal Optional Specialties, which are rather broader.
Absolutely, although I've just had the idea of Techniques specific to particular Optional Specialties.
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Presumably this would apply to workers in munitions factories as well.
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