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Default Re: Parahumans: What types do you think the canon needs, what type would you like to

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
That's easy to explain, it's called "appearance". I am not saying that charisma doesn't exist, just that it takes more than just sitting there, for example a minute's conversation.
Not for him. He was sitting and often not facing these people. It's not appearance based as far as I can tell. It seems to affect certain types of people more often than others, specifically the easily manipulated. Charisma is the only word/concept I know of that accurately fits what I've seen.

Our other brother has instinctive Fast Talk skill but lacks most of the charm, so I can tell the difference between the two.
(I watched while he convinced our mom to apologize for "making" him have to break into her car to get her credit card. It was freaky to witness. Once I pointed out what was going on, it negated the Fast Talk. And she's very intelligent.)

I, of course, lack either charisma or social skills, and have had to work hard to get to my present default levels.
Beware, poor communication skills. No offense intended. If offended, it just means that I failed my writing skill check.
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