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Default Techniques by skill, A-D

The New Technique of the Week series is about inventing new fan-made techniques that aren't for combat skills, magic or psionics. The posts in this thread are meant to index all such techniques, new and previously published. Since I don't have a complete collection of Pyramid volume 3, nor all the GURPS PDFs, there may be a few missing. Please PM me, and I'll add them. The GURPS Repository has an index of published techniques by name.

Plans and objectives. All the threads with new techniques are tagged with "New Technique of the Week."

Techniques for attributes, and other special cases

Cane Travel {Underground Adventures}, Skidding {Action 3}, and Toe Flip {Action 3} are all bought from a DX default.

Memory Palace {Social Engineering: Back to School} and Specific Item (Snatcher) are bought from an IQ default.

Anachronistic Training is possible for any TL skill {Infinite Worlds}.

Debugging, Inspired Development, and Inspired Research are possible for any skill used in inventing {Powers: The Weird}.

Cutting Out {Social Engineering} is possible for any social interaction skill, as a Per-based roll.

Beguilement {Pyramid #3/54} is possible for most social interaction skills.

Elicitation {Pyramid #3/54} and Hinting {Social Engineering} are possible for any Influence skill.

<Specific Sports Event>is possible for any athletic skill practised as a sport.

Techniques by skill
Accounting: False Accounting, <Individual business> (Accounting (Management)), <Type of business> (Accounting (Bookkeeping)), <Type of business> (Accounting (Financial)).

Acrobatics: Acrobatic Stand {Action 3, MA}, Balancing {Action 3}, Breakfall {MA, TG}, Dive n' Roll {Action 3}, Evade {Action 3, MA}, Facing Change {Powers: the Weird}, Human Missile {Supers}, Quick Mount {Gun-Fu, Low-Tech, MA}, Running Climb {Action 3}, Running the Pole {LTC2}, Roll with Blow {Action 3, MA}, Sliding {Action 3}, Spinning {Action 3}. There's also material on Acrobatics for entertainment in 3e Compendium I, p166-170.

Acting: Acting Honest, Good Samaritan {Social Engineering}, Shell Game {Social Engineering}, Spanish Prisoner aka 419 {Social Engineering}.

Administration: Looking Good, Somebody Knows, <Specific organisation>, <Specific procedure>.

Alchemy: Distillation {Low-Tech}, <Elixir> {Magic}.

Area Knowledge: Historical Familiarity {Infinite Worlds}.

Armoury: Complex Bullets, Immediate Action {Gun-Fu, FCCS, High-Tech, Tactical Shooting}, Instant Arsenal Disarm {Gun-Fu, High-Tech}, Work by Touch {Tactical Shooting}.

Blind Fighting: Cane Travel {Underground Adventures}.

Body Control: Flush<poison>.

Body Language: <Specific Person>.

Body Sense: Facing Change {Powers: the Weird}, Multiport {Supers}.

Brainwashing: Deprogramming, Mind Modification (per trait, applicable to several other skills) {Powers: the Weird}.

Camouflage: <Terrain type and season>.

Carousing: Listening.

Carpentry: <Specific Activity>.

Chemistry: Distillation {Low-Tech}.

Climbing: Guiding, Rope Up, Rope Down (aka Rappelling) and Scaling {all Basic, Action 3}. More on Rappelling {SEALS in Vietnam}.

Computer Operation: Private Messaging {Pyramid #3/62},<Specific Program>.

Connoisseur: <Specific Subject>.

Cooking: <Specific menu>.

Cryptography: <Specific code/cipher decryption>.

Counterfeiting: <Specific Note or Coin>.

Current Affairs: Historical Familiarity {Infinite Worlds}.

Dancing: Close Dancing {Pyramid #3/54}, Follow Closely.

Detect Lies: <Specific person>.

Diplomacy: Agenda {Pyramid #3/54}, Personal Guarantee {Pyramid #3/54}, Somebody Knows, <Specific group, Subject>.

Disguise: <Specific Person>, <Archetype>.

Dreaming: Dream Rehearsal {Social Engineering: Back to School}.

Driving: Combat Driving {Gun-Fu}.

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