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Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
That is interesting . . . though I tried converting one of my characters and wound up 2 MP shy of being able to do basic step and attack at full defense and skill with a retreat
A change I didn't note explicitly is that I'm restricting characters to a single Step without MP investment - you can use this on your turn for movement, or as a Retreat (/Slip/Sideslip), but not both. Also not explicitly stated, you outright lose the ability to Retreat if you've moved half Move or more (you cannot use Steps to move more than half Move). In a chambara game, however, I'd see no issue with having the ability to use Steps to go up to full Move, and get more besides as Retreats, so long as the Retreat doesn't result in a net move further than, well, Move.

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
I think I like the MoS idea on Acrobatics as its always been pretty binary
Yeah, I was debating how I should handle the issue of Acrobatics boosting defenses, enhancing Change Posture, etc. Simply using MoS seemed the best option. It makes Enhanced Dodge a bit less usable, unfortunately, but potentially more potent for a character with high Acrobatics.

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
One specific note on this is that I don't see Change Posture maneuver listed . . . . how many MP is it?
Ah, crap. Looks like I forgot a couple of things when I wrote the Integration. Change Posture, as well as handling Bulk for firearms and the like, are hidden up in the too-wordy work-in-progress bits. Change Posture there costs 7 MP, but that's back before I made some adjustments - it should cost 10 MP (which actually makes kip-ups slightly easier, as you just need MoS 5 instead of taking a -6 to hit; I consider this to be acceptable). I'll update the post shortly - thanks! Hopefully I didn't miss anything else...
EDIT: And, updated. Thanks again for pointing out my error.

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