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Default Re: 50-point Abilities

Originally Posted by Shumway
Totally Abusive Assasination Special (+5200%): Toxic Attack, 1 point (Contagious, +20%; Cosmic, Irresistable, +300%; Cyclic, 1 minute, 120 cycles, +4760%; Malediction, +100%; No Signature, +20%). 53 points. Notes: Does 1 point of toxic damage per minute, regardless of DR, with no resistance roll allowed. It will spread to anyone who spends a minute with the victim (secondary victims probably ought to be allowed resistance rolls). An example of mutiplicative modifiers sometimes being more fair.
This doesn't do what you think it does. Cosmic +300% doesn't eliminate the resistance roll for a Malediction. All it does is bypass DR, which you don't need because you have a Malediction; I'd thus recommend raising this to Malediction 3 with the points you save. Now, you can add "Cosmic, Lingering Effect, +100%" so the target doesn't have a way to stop the cyclic damage once it starts. But your target still gets to resist this with his HT vs your Will to prevent the damage in the first place.

And multiplicative modifiers, as presented in Powers, wouldn't change this. The rule only affects how limitations work, and you don't have any limitations on this ability.
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